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Thread: Blitz cycle

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    Blitz cycle

    I see this one all over the place. But i've never heard of someone actually doing this. In fact there are alot of fancy cycles like the ones given here on AR - but how come I never see anyone who actually does those cycles?

    Has anyone ever tried this or something like this? It's called the blitz cycle and you basically do 3 weeks of each steroid and you start the next one as you finish each one. It's like a steroid marathon. Refer to Examples 3 and 9 here on AR. Here's one for you:

    Week 1 - d-bol 20 mg/day
    Week 2 - d-bol 30 mg/day
    Week 3 - d-bol 40 mg/day + sus 250 mg
    Week 4 - sus 500mg
    Week 5 - sus 500 mg + win 30mg/day
    Week 6 - win 40mg/day
    Week 7 - win 50mg/day + tren 150 mg
    Week 8 - tren 225 mg
    Week 9 - tren 225 mg + deca 400 mg
    Week 10 - 11 - deca 400 mg
    Week 12 - deca 200 mg

    This doesn't look to me like it would do a whole lot of good. The deca and sustenon both are long-acting esters and wouldn't build up in your blood quickly enough to provide an adequate boost. Right?

    Has anyone ever done something like this? I'm curious more than anything else.


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    I wouldn't recommend that cycle for the reasons you stated and also there's no need to taper. Looks like an old school cycle. It just doesn't make much sense to run a cycle in that manner.


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    That is a goooood one... That blitz is a stagger with in a cycle... This is the only way for me... although I have now deviated into a year stagger, I got most of my best gains from that format. try it you'll like it

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    I'm sorry That cycle does look a little off, it needs to be longer. Thats it... longer.
    Draw the sus out 2-3 more weeks, some deca with the d-bol in the beginning, and the tren and winny at the end but come back with some more deca at the end.... thats me...
    Also you would be surprised at the volume of androgens your putting into your body, what type of natural test production are you at???
    Most common deca doses start with 2mg x lb of body weight, unless your around 220 - 250 your doses up there are going to work. That blitz cycle is mean to manipulate your AR receptors and for a new user you should have fast growth.
    that tapper is to help your body normalize, but the use of hcg & clomid can soothe that issue....
    For the record that is a more advanced cycle, for users that have done receptor mapping to find opptimum doses...
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