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    Question 1st cycle, but am i training to hard???

    hey boys,

    alright so i just started my first cyle like a week ago and i need some information on the right and wrong things to do.. I was just wondering if you train yourself to hard and to ofter if it will help build strength.. also i was wondering if its alright to take like another suppliment with the stack ... ex. cell tech. beast, or some protien shakes... thanks for your time and it will help me out a whole hell of a lot for some experienced input..

    roid raiger

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    supplements always go well in cycles, protein is a must cycling or not, and cell tech, nitro tech, creatine, whatever else, lots of guys take that not sure about your first sentence cause it looks like broken russian, i cant understand what your getting at? i guess if you overtrain it might pose problems, but strength/size will build up with normal workouts, you dont need to do antything fancy, but you'll definately want to considering how strong you'l get, also depending on what your taking, best of luck

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