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    Deca.......and Winny????

    hey bro's a guy at my gym, (mind you this guy is the biggest guy in our gym) i asked him today what he likes best, and he says that he loves 600mg deca a week, wit 50 mg winny tabs (spectro EOD), the goes this cycle yeilds him gr8 results, so i asked, dont u get deca dick, hes like are you kidding me? what do u guys think? anyone else ever tried this?? hes huge, so im guuessing it works for him lol! lemme know bro's thanks

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    Look, dont go by what works for other people, go with what works for you. Some people need large doses, some people need almost nothing. Most people run test with deca unless they cant afford it. If he's using deca to get big his diet has to be on track and he has to be getting at least 5000-6000 claories a day.

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