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    Angry had to stop test midway on cycle

    Well im sure alot of you read my posts about injection sites, swelling, itching, redness....

    well I finally had to stop the testerona 4l-a, I kid you not when I say I went from 220 to 250+ in a matter of less than two weeks, problem was the test was dirty and the bacteria caused me to swell even more than just bloating(went to the doc cause of it) I was stacking it with decca and was getting great strength and size gains but the swelling was so bad I couldnt get my shoes on sometimes. Anyway I quit the test in week4 unfort I couldnt get any more test at the time, I had a bottle of eq200 so I started that in place of the test, now I have the opportunity to get some sustenon and I need you guys opinion, can I start the sust now in place of the decca(two shots left) or should I just wait and do a completely new cycle.... im kinda stuck on what to do thx

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    You might could extract the contaminated test into a syringe and then filter it through a whatman into a brand new sterile vial. Then (yes, I do love my pressure cooker) sterilize it in a pressure cooker (I've seen 'em for $40 at K-mart) for 30 minutes with the 15 lb doober.
    The whatman will filter out anything larger than .45 microns (most bacteria) and the 250 degrees F the pressure cooker generates will get anything else. That stuff will be sterile for sure . . .

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