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Thread: Quick D-Bol ?

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    Talking Quick D-Bol ?

    Ok, Im going to start a fairly simple cycle...not going all out like I would like to, but I posted earlier I have that Sust 250 off-shoot called Godzillabol, which has 300mgs of total test instead of 250 like sust. Here is my question. I want to frontload my Gbol with D-Bol, would I be better served if I tapered the D-Bol up, and down....or should I stick with the same dosages the whole way through?

    Thank You

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    i use the same dosage all the way through..i don't know about everyone else here..Madmax..

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    I went into my cycle of Dbol thinking I was going to taper it but then on the 3rd day I was like screw it, I want to get this 30mg a day in me. I think tappered cycles do have there place in AAS cycling but Dbol is run on too short of a cycle to tapper. That is my personal feelings.


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