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    advice for next cycle

    hey all. i have done only one cycle so far and have been pleased with the results even though my diet wasnt the best. i gained 22lbs and strength went up quite a bit. bench for example went from 315 to 360. i thought that was pretty good. gained about 2and a half inches on my chest about 3/4of an inch on my arms and legs made good gains also. my cycle consisted of test e 400mg/week eq400mg/week and ended with winny tabs 75mg/day. want to start another cycle early spring. cant decide what would be best. i want to run eq again,(love the shit) along with test again. should i try something totally different like cypionate or is cyp too close to enanthuate? what do you think of sust? is it too soon for a begiinner to take sust? i want to make some good gains again without bloat. any ideas? thanks alot.

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    No bloat? How 'bout a fina/prop/winny cycle?

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