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    My feb 1st cutting cycle...

    I'm gonna start this one as soon as I get off my bridge. Current bridge consists of:
    4.5IU's GH evd
    100mg test prop M,W,F
    2.5mg femara eod
    clomid hcg

    I just got off a bulking cycle and topped out at 247lbs. I think taking the femara evd may have been a little much and hindered my gains a little...

    Here's my cutter:
    166mg fina eod weeks 1-16 (home made)
    600mg eq/week weeks 1-13 ( QV)
    500mg test cyp weeks 1-13 (QV)
    100mg test prop eod weeks 14-16 (Viromone)
    50mg anavar evd weeks 1-10 (Denkall)
    100mg winstrol evd weeks 11-16 (100mg/ml ttokkyo-oral)

    3,000mg ala evd
    4.5IU Gh evd
    t3- used at 25mcg with occasional pyramid cycling for the entire time
    clen /NYC every 2 weeks
    Tyler Liver detox

    I tired of evd shots so I'm going for eod. I'm not going to screw with my diet too drastically, just cut out the garbage food, and cut my carbs some. Protein will be very high. I am hoping to drop down to 6-7% BF and retain most of my current bodyweight. cardio will be my time on the mat ( BJJ and Muay Thai kickboxing) 2 hours a day 4 days a week. I probably won't need any extra...

    Let me know what you guys think and feel free to throw out some suggestions...

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    The only thing i see that i would change is to drop the Anavar . Fina, Winny, and EQ will be plenty for hardning you up. no sense in stressing your liver any more than you have to. Plus, Var can get a little pricey. You are going to be a pin cushion!

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    It looks good. I was going to run something just a bout exactly the same next only I was gonna run tren /prop 9-16 ed and var 1-6. I don't know if I could stand 16 weeks of ed or eod shots.

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    Looks solid, bro. That's one hell of a cycle!

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    so many shots... good luck ironfist. keep us posted on results after you start.

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    Looks solid. I agree with XBiker, thats one hell of a cycle.

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