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    Unhappy Going natural: Medical reasons

    I'll spare you the complete's the short version - dates aren't exact:

    July 2002: Ran 2 week cycle clen , 1 mg test/wk (HRT)
    August 2002: Ran 1mG Test/wk
    Sept 2002: Noticed gyno symptoms, ran anti e's, went to Dr and was told to stop taking test and anti e's
    Oct 2002: Gyno symptoms continued, noticed loss of strength and muscle mass, shortness of breath, sweating, tiredness, severe heart palpitations, went to endocrinologist, lots o' bloodwork, diagnosis....THYROIDITIS! Started me on beta blocker to protect heart.
    November 2002: Extreme loss of strength and muscle mass - got to the point where I could barely walk at times - no lifting, no cardio, no nothing!
    December 2002: Continued beta blocker, slowly regaining strength and endurance...
    January 2002: I seem to be 95% recovered - last week was my first week back in the gym. Starting over SUCKS!!!! My strength is still not where it was and I don't expect it to be after the trauma my system went through over the past few months.
    Two weeks from now: have to go have more bloodwork done - I think my levels are getting near normal because I feel SO much better than I did.

    End result: Went from 185 w/ 12% bf to about 175 w/17% bf(?), loss about 25% upper body strength and about 50% lower body.

    Not sure how all this happened - Doc says it could have been a virus...I'm actually leaning toward the clen being a potential cause. I'm going natural from this point forward...The last few months have been absolute hell and I will not take any chances. I do have a couple hundred clen, winny, and 2 10mL vials of test cyp left - probably tossing them.

    I'd like to know thoughts on other possibilities as well as thoughts on how to best optimize my comeback.


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    I think I'd ask the doctor point blank,Was it the gear or was it a virus?

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    Why would you be put on 1mg/wk test for HRT? The doses should be higher than that.

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    Ive taken a cycle of deca and have noticed some gyno. I am about to take some nolva to see if i can get rid of it. What are your thoughts

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    send me the gear, j/k, sorry to hear that bro, good luck

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