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Thread: Need Help

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    Need Help

    Hey, I just bought Enantat 250 by Quality Vet which is testosterone enantathe, and i am wondering if this is the best to gain the most muscle mass and if it can keep results well. I also have a quarter cycle of Sustanon , is there anyway i can work that in the cycle so it could help. And if anyone knows how to obtain Clomid in any way, because its just a prescription i believe, that would also be helpful

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    Hey Kevin... stick around and read a lot more of the post here at AR. I would say you have a lot to learn still before sticking your ass with a needle. Sorry if this offends, but it is obvious.

    You won't run test enan with Sustanon . They are both tests... yes, sus has different test in it... but you will want to select another compound to run with your QV test. Also, how much is a quarter cycle of sus?

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    the quarter cycle my friend gave me because he didnt finish his, so its not even worth it? and also whats better for keeping your gains, deca or enan?

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