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    creatine during cycle or not?

    i have always used 10-20 g of creatine in post cycle therapy to preserve gains. i think it works well atleast in keeping weight. my question is do any of you take a "maintenence dose" 5 g or more during your bulking cycles or should you wait until your done? or does it not matter either way? i have read that creatine works best in short cycles because of cell saturation which can lead to a loss of effectiveness. i have been taking it for about 3 months straight so maybe i shouldnt during my cycle. my cycle is test e 500mg/wk1-10 and dbol 25 mg per day 1-4. thanks.

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    I would save it and use it post cycle. Using it while on could make it less effective post cycle. If not using it post cycle, then go ahead and use it now.

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