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    Opinions needed for first cycle

    I'm 5'8", 210 lbs and have been lifting on and off for years, but hardcore for 1 year. I eat at least 250g of protein a day, also take glutamine and creatine. I plan to start my first cycle in a few weeks with just sustanon . I've researched it and heard good and bad things about sus. Anyhow I'm going to try it. I plan to run the cycle for 8 weeks and add Proviron on week 4. Should I run 750mg/week for 2 weeks and drop to 500mg/week OR should I run 750mg/week for the entire 8 weeks.

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    no no no .this i ur firstbro 750 ????hell no ,stick with 500 all the wat through bro !u could frontload cause the prop in ithas a halflife or 2 days so unlees ur hitting it eod its useles,

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    Run enanthate for 10 wks, proviron @ 50mg ED. Enanthate will result in more consistent blood levels and is cheaper than sust.

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