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Thread: dbol questions

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    dbol questions

    this is my 3rd cycle and my first using dbol . it is 500mg/wk 1-10 of test and dbol wk 1-4 at 25-35 mg ed. i have a few questions i need answered. first about how long should it take to kick in. is it something you will recognize easy like in the gym? also is it ok to take your last dose say after 7pm or will this interfere with sleep? is it ok to take more than 5mg at a time? i took 5mg ,5 times yesterday about every 3 hours but somedays i dont get up early and i may have to double up if that is safe. and finally,is it normal to exp heart palpitations when using it with test or by itself? yesterday my first day i felt weird and my heart was flippin a bit and i felt like i was gettting hot flashes or something. any help appreciated. thanks.

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    not where I want to be

    1)Should kick in within the first week.
    2)YOu should notice a great PUMP in the gym.
    3)You can dose after 7
    4)Its ok to take more than 5mg at a time. However, the half life of DBOl is something like 4 hours. Your best bet is to take 1 dose every four hours spread evenly throughout the day.
    5)I cant say about the heart palpitations, but ill bump it for ya!


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    Im on 30mg dbol ED now. It took 3 days for me to start feeling the pumps in my lats and lowerback. Moved on now to my quads (insane!)
    I spread my dosages during the day taking them before i eat. I have abit trouble sleeping but not to bad.
    Havnt experianced any heartflaps just some noosebleeds.

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    thanks guys.

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    how much bloat do you see in your face?? any yet? id like to know when you really see a difference...



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