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    mag-10 first cycle-vets help

    im on the second day of my first mag-10 cycle. im following the t-mag workout and diet. i supplement with creatine, glutamine, and multi vitamins along with my mag-10. i take the mag-10 in the morning and go about my day, i lift twice and eat alot. first question- i was wondering if i should supplement the creatine after i lift or before, or both. i take 5 grams of creatine and 5 grams of glutamine after both times i lift in the same bottle.second question- should i separate my glutamine and creatine doses after lifting or do they work alright together? any other ideas are welcome thanks.

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    I think this should be in the Suplement Forum..This isnt a steriod .

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    MAG-10 SUCKS,,,,,,D-BOL RULES!!

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