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    Best Steroid For Tendonitus

    I have biceptal tendonitus. I also have some in my elbow. If I do some shoulder injections will the juice run down into my bicep tendon/elbow and help heal the tendons?
    A good friend of mine said it should help if I inject it into the shoulder and let it run down the arm.Is this a good plan? I need something to heal those tendons!

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    are you serious ????

    the tendons don't grow while you're on juice, just the muscles. give it some time to rest & heal, ice it after you workout, heat it up somehow (wet towl in the microwave) beforehand.

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    Dude, when you inject a AAS, the gear sits in the muscle bellies and the active drug is gradually released into the blood stream. It does not move around to certain areas of the body based on the injection location! Your buddy does not know what he's talking about. Whether you inject in your arse, thigh, delt, calves, pecs....wherever, the end results are the same, overall growth, not localized growth (or in this case healing). That being said, deca is widely known to increase joint lubrication and aid in helping reduce the pain in tendons, but which spot you inject it is irrelevant. Good luck.

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    Deca will lube the joints, but won't cure tendonitis though. And injecting in the shoulder will not help.


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    chinups Guest
    I heard if you inject deca you won't feel pain from tendonitis and joint pains, I heard this from experienced AS users

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    I sort of figured you guys were right. I was under the same impression that it was slowly released from the injection site.

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