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Thread: slin and diet

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    slin and diet

    I am starting some slin in a bulking cycle.
    I have read and read and I just want to make sure I know what's up.

    Slin will put some fat on BUT I need to eat 15 min and 1 and 1/2 hours after shot.

    Q: Should I take the shot, one in the morning and one after the lift -or- one pre lift and one post lift????

    If so, what would the eating regimine look like?

    My thought in my head was "glucose tabs" and a Myoplex shake?

    Am I way off?

    Maybe a list of some foods that would be good 15min after shot and a list of foods good for the 1 and 1/2 hour mark.

    I am a bit nervous about this but dedication I have, knowledge I think I have but always never enough.

    This will be stacked w/:

    Fina about 120mg / day
    sustenon 500-1250-500 (pyramid)
    Abombs front loaded
    either dbols or winny tail end

    still might add some EQ but I don't think I will really feel it w/ all that in there?

    I am confident my AS cycle will gain me a good 30 w/out slin. I just don't want to become diabetic after slin use.

    Any food slin related knowledge will greatly help.

    oh, I only have one 10ml vial for now:


    I will still be searching for more info on my own but knowledge from first hand users I take more seriously!

    thanks A.R. members


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    actually it wont put much fat on as long as you dont consume fat 2 hours before (if i remember right) and 4 hours after considering your taking R or humalog, and personally i think the shot post workout is most effective, blood glucose levels are low, muscle glycogen are depleted, your body is aching for energy/nutrient time imo...good luck and be smart/safe.

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