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Thread: which one?

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    chinups Guest

    which one?

    I have a choice between zams and ** winny 50 mg (winstrol ), will be stacked with eq and don't really want to shoot that much...

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    I'd go with the zambons and just drink them if you don't want to shoot them ED. Or alternate shooting/drinking.

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    go with the zambons..alot of people drink my opinion which i don't know if it's proven or documented..but i would shoot it...if it comes in a vial it's ment to be friends drinks it and love the do alot of other it's really a matter of how much you mind getting stuck with a pin ed...Madmax..

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    chinups Guest
    Only difference I think is that you can buy a boat load of the ** 50 mg and also move your dosages if I want. If I do the bons I will buy like twenty and thats I will have for 5 weeks of EOD shots or boat drinks

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