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Thread: dbol bloat face

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    dbol bloat face

    ok guys this is my first time usin it. i have taken 20mg, 25 mg and 25 mg the first 3 days. and 15 so far today my 4th day. i shot 500mg test also 3 days ago. i know the test takes a few weeks but shit my face looks blown up! the tape and scale doesnt lie either. my weight is up 5 lbs and my muscles feel full as hell! what is it? water right? i hate the bloated face look but dont mind it everywhere else. is there any over the counter supp i can take to combat major water retention? like taraxatone by cytodyne.i have nolva but always heard you will sacrifice gains taking it during bulking cycles. i just want a little water lost like i said i dont mind it every where else. my concern is that after another 3.5 weeks of dbol ill look obvious and my face will look like the moon. i cant believe how fast the stuff shows!

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    yeah all that gain is water. Get some armidex or liquidex and run it at .5mg ed. Your bloat should be gone within a few days.

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    Yep, it is water weight. Is it really that bad?...If it is go get some liquidex, imo its the best out there for preventing the water retention.

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