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    which one??(test)


    this is my cycle:

    week deca dbol
    1 200mg 20mg/ED
    2 300mg 25mg/ED
    3 300mg 25mg/ED
    4 400mg 20mg/ED
    5 400mg
    6 400mg
    7 300mg
    8 300mg
    9 200mg

    and clomid after 3weeks
    I would like to add some testo but i dont no which one. And one of the reasons i add test is for my libido and deca dick. What should i take??

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    Pheedno is offline Respected Member
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    I would shoot for 400mg Enanthate

    Lay it out like this
    Wks1-11 400mg Enan
    Wks1-10 400mg Decca
    Wks1-4 30mg dbol

    I ersonally don't like dbol but if taken it would be optimal for 30mg or higher depending on your size.

    The extension of the test is to match up half-lives

    You don't need to taper any of them

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    Yup, What Pheedno said. I believe Enth. has the highest molecular weight of all the test. The weight is 9, Test Cyp is 8. So out of the two, You actually will have a little more Test Gram for Gram. I don't even think its relevent though as you probably wouldnt know the difference since there is only a difference of 1. Just my babbling

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