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    Lean Muscle Cycle OPINION PLZ !

    Currently 6'2 195 working out for the past 4 years. I have taken Deca 300 in the past and have hated the bloated water weight feeling. I am looking to put on a solid 10 pounds lean muscle. I am thinking of taking either of the following:

    Wks 1-8 Parabolan 228 mg a week
    wks 3-8 25 mg Anavar ED
    Then clomid


    Wks 1-8 Eq 400 Mg
    Wks 3-8 25mg Anavar ED
    Then Clomid

    Any advice to which cycle would best benefit me?

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    Well... here's an idea for a lean cycle:

    Run Equipoise at 400mg per week, frontload 800mgs the first week. Jump start with Prop 100mg EOD, and finish with Winstrol 50mg ED finishing 21 days after last Eq shot. Begin Clomid day after.

    Weeks 1-10: Equipoise 400mg, FRONTLOAD 800mg
    Weeks 1-7: Test Prop 100mg, EOD
    Weeks 8-13: Winstrol 50mg, ED

    BTW - when you want to use Trenbolone , convert a Finaplix with a kit because the chance your Parabolan source is a fake is nearly 1,000,000 to 1.

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    Run the EQ for 12 wks, 400mg/wk. Start the var in wk 6 and run until wk 14. If you can afford enough to start it earlier, go right ahead. Unless you are running BTG var though I would bump that dosage to 40-50mg/day.

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