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    Oct 2002

    Okay bros 2weeks left,come check it ou tell me what you think.

    this is what me and couple bros of the board came up with, tell me if you think it needs any tweeking, coments welcome by the way i'm hoping this cycle will give me a hard athletic look what do think.

    Hieght 5'8
    wieght 195
    age 24
    2nd cycle first one consied of (deca /winny) with great results 30lbs gained.

    my diet may need alittle tweaking need input
    30%carb 55%protien 15%fats
    Cardio 4day a week in the morning before breakfest
    6 to 7 small meals a day.

    1-12 500mg sust(mon/wed/fri) cocktailed with eq to ease pain
    1-12 400mg eq (mon/wed/fri)
    9-15 50mg tabs ed
    start eca at week 4 end when bottle runs out, is there a certain lenght of time to run eca?

    15-17 clomid/eca
    continuing cardio
    and then start preparing for summer hahaha
    thanks muncy

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    Oct 2002
    What does everyone think is this cycle going to give me the results i'm looking for thanks.Muncy.

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    Cycle looks good. You can run eca during the whole cycle if you want.

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    Oct 2002
    Thanks MBaraso I'm going to keep a mini diary on this cycle since I see alot of people asking about sust/eq cycles.

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