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Thread: Between cycles

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    Between cycles

    Hey waz up?... I finished my Test Enth cycle (8weeks) and gained 25lbs lost 8lbs after the cycle. My next cycle will be Deca 400mg Sust250 500mg a week and D-bol 35mg weeks 1-4. Ok now I finished my first cycle on the 2nd week of Dec when is the earliest but safest time I can start my 2nd one? I was thinking the first week of March but like to start mid of Feb if possiable. What do U guys think. Im 22 years old and in the best shape of my life.
    C. Claar

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    Some guys do one a year
    Some guys do time on=Time off
    Some guys wait a month
    Some guys never come off

    Personally, I do time on=time off. Or longer

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