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    more is better, right?

    Well that wasn't a question from me, but a question that seems to be brought up alot. Basically, I was wondering what everyone thinks is a good amount of AAS for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and subsiquent cycles.

    600-800mg/wk is good to start, say 300-400 test, 300-400 deca , for example.

    But where does that leave one for the second cycle, 800-1000? 1000-1200, is there a cap?

    How use to AAS does a body get, i know receptors can only take so much, but is there a chart that says 300 mg of deca a week 1st time you will need 450 next time. Or you switch to something else, then come back, will 300 work again, or will your body be use to it and need more to grow? If this was the case, you could end up on 2 grams a week, but isn't that hard on you?

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    just raise your doses a little...for your 2nd cycle i'd run it as follows...thats if you just want to run deca /test..i don't know what your goals and stats them so we can better help you...Madmax..

    500 or 600mg test
    400mg deca

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    Hey bro it really depends on what you are using, and how long between cycles. Sus250 for exp. will give you good results at 500mg week for anycycle, as long as you give your body 4-6 months rest. All AAS are different and act different , just remember what works for me may not do anything for you. later

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    I personally think cycles should like this, for quality, solid, perminate muscle w/o lots of sides:

    1st cycle:
    200mg of test a week

    2nd cycle:
    400mg of test a week

    3rd cycle: 500-600mg of test a week

    I believe in starting low. A first cycle with 200mg of test week is nearly 3x more test then ur body produces on its own and is plenty for a first timer IMO. All these cycles should include deca /EQ and Prop to jump start... never dBol . Dbol sucks a nut for keeping/gaining quality, perminate muscle, remember that.

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