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    Converted Parabolan with Eq ? THOUGHTS PLZ

    I am thinking of doing Parabolan (converted w/ Fina kit) with Eq. Is this a waste of my time or is it a good match? Should I run Anavar weeks 4-8 instead? I am looking for buildup of lean mass and to see some vascularity. Currently 6'2 195.

    wks 1-8 Parabolan 250g weekly
    wks 1-8 200 Mg Eq

    wks 1-8 Parabolan
    wks 4-8 Anavar

    Clomid after both.

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    Parabolan is a commercial product of negma france that contains trenbolone which is no longer made. converted trenbolone pellets cotnains trenbolone acetate and is also just as good if not better.

    If looking for lean mass and vascularity, bump up your eq to 400/wk and dont bother with the anavar . You'll be pleasantly surprised.

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    if you're converting fina with a kit you're going to have to do 75-100mgs everyday or every other day for results as Trenbolone is short acting.

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