Interesting the patent on the one perfect 191 amino chain make it cost so much!
It can be produced same price as slin but manufatures would have to have permission to have this perfect 191 amino acid patent from those who own it, how can this be?.
It sucks.
It can be produced same price as slin but law won't allow anyone to make so prices are nuts!
I never did nor would I pay the $ for it.

heres a post on another board Elite found infos for gh lovers:

Dear all,

There was a lab test of a certain Chinese GH producer, and the material appeared to be N-methionyl GH, which has 192 aminoacids, not 191 amino acids. This gives less effectiveness and more side-effects. Buyers beware!

The not so bad news is that the 18 IU vials indeed contain 18 IU of this worthless shit.