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    Ordering over seas?

    One of my friends told me that you could order roids over the internet. Then I read a think one this site about one of the "big 6" has a book about ordering over the internet. Is that safe? Do any of you do it? and if you dont mind could you give me a website to look at? thanks

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    We do not ask for sources on this board.
    If you get a PM or email from someone who claims to be a source delete it.

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    yea listen to palme, if a co. has a website with pretty pictures, forget it 99.9% scam. also with a comment like that now you have a pack of lions looking at you like a wounded baby dear ready to send you p.m's and scam you hard. read the board for awhile make some friends first. Some of the most knowledgeble people are here take advantage of there knowledge......

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    oversea is cheaper but the risk is greater.
    domestic is a little bit higher but less risky.
    do not order from int pharmacy and all the crap. you'll lose your money 90% of the time.

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