First of all i would like to say this site is the best.

I'm a 21yr old male with about 3yrs training experience. 5'11" 185lbs. and about 15 % bf. My last cycle was sust 250 for 8 weeks and anadrol for the first four weeks. And clomid three weeks after my last shot of sust. My results were awesome i gain about 20lbs.

I am starting my next cycle in a few weeks and i was wondering what i could expect from this cycle and if anyone has done a similar cycle with what results. I am hoping to get hard and vascular cause my sust and anadrol got me puffy with water weight and i am wanting to keep all of my gains with this cycle.

400mg Ttokkyo Eq. /weeks 1-15
300mg Quality Vet Deca / weeks 1-15
50mg Ttokkyo anadrol every day / weeks 1-4

I was also wondering if i should run clomid at the end of this cycle and if so how long after my last shot should i start.