Hey bros,

I don't post much on this board but I wanted to put up what I will be starting for a cycle at the end of the month. After lifting for 7 years, reasearching AAS for the last 3 years and experimenting with AAS within the last year I have become an advocate of longer cycles with lower doses. And for the record I don't like to run long acting Test of any kind as a base, I like using EQ much better. Any suggestions/comments on what I have put together are welcome.

Week 1-8 300mg Primo
Week 1-8 300mg EQ
Week 1-8 50mg Winny ED (BTW, I know 8 weeks is long!)
Week 1-8 Clen +T3/ECA (2 week alternating)

Week 8-16 200mg EQ EOD
Week 8-16 150mg Prop EOD
Week 8-16 150mg Tren EOD
Week 8-16 50mg Proviron ED
Week 8-16 2.5mg Bromo ED

Week 16-18 2500 iu’s HCG 2x week
Week 19-22 300/100/50 Clomid

After posting this I do have a couple of questions...do you guys think I should run Prop, or even Prop/Fina 2-3 weeks after my last EQ shot to level out blood concentrations. I would rather not since my EQ/Tren/Prop will all be in the same bottle, so I would have to get additional Tren/Prop to run after my last shot with the EQ in it. I was hoping that running the HCG a couple of weeks after would suffice until I start Clomid. Lastly, what are your feelings on Proviron, do you think I need Arimidex or something of the like ran with the Prop?

Stats: 6'2", 200lbs, 13-14% BF