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    Spot Injections, Good or Bad Yes or No

    I want to hear peoples opinions on spot injections.
    Also which AS's are good for what spots.
    Last fill me in on locations of injections.

    "Gettin Bigger Everyday"

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    Some say it works, an some say it's B.S., I say It makes no difference unless you are shooting synthol or somthing of that nature.

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    Well personally I like site injections and even if the growth is temporary it is still an added bonus not to mention you can cut down on scar tissue build up by rotating sites. I do delts, bi's, tri's, and calves. I like to site inject winny, prop, and tren .

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    most people site inject short acting esters... like eq, prop, tren , etc... it won;t hurt you but it is prolly not gonna put on any masive amount of size... sure it can stretch the fascia but so will curls if you know what i am saying... you stretch it all the time... i just don't buy into it that much.

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    Agreed with Rickson. Gains may not be inhanced but it sure is fun finding new places to stick it.

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