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    Oral Tabs. what are the diffrent types out there?

    Hi, I have a major phobia of needles. I have done winny tabs
    many times and want something stronger. What types of
    Gear are offered in oral form. 2 years ago i cycled anadrol
    and d-bol and found my self to be swollen and feeling like
    death. What are the safer ones that are also good for
    cutting. MY stats are 23 years old. 5'9 195 34 inch waist 17
    inch arms. My goal for this summer is to keep my size and go
    down to about 175 ripped.. Any advice on orals would be

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    poll" oral gear

    What is the safest gear to take orally for cutting.

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    honestly... oral only cycles suck... however, to answer your question an not be all preachy, i would go with anavar and make sure you have a good brand of it like btg.

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    I agree with Saint all the way around.

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