my nips have always been a bit puffy, ever since puberty, had symptoms when i was younger not noticable but i think a tiny bit of tissue was left there, no on dbol /eq/cyp i have noticed funny feeling tissue, not a hard lump but weird arse tisse that isnt as soft was fat and is around my nips, the hard lumps so to speak is longish and towards the side of my right nipple, it's not sensitive but i am feeling hardish tissue around, no lump like i felt when i was younger that made me itch and was real sensitive.

maybe i am being paranoid but i know lumps dont have to occur under the nipples to be gyno, i;ve got 150 nolva and 50 arimidex (both **, yes i know what you guys are going to say)

but no itchiness yet, maybe its just fat i dont know, but i want to hit up the nolva asap, thinking 40mg a day and a tab of arim? see if that changes anything. also i just hope that even if i dont get the obivious symptoms it wont aggrevate the tissue that may have been left there when i was younger and make it grow larger possibly??
when my nipples are erect my chest looks A1 but the puffiness ruins it and maybe its just water but the tissue feels very fucked! especially for a guy on his first cycle, anything different brings tearst to the eyes!

i haven't experienced any water rention as of yet and just started week 3, actually up 2lbs and dropped bf

would i be likely to have gyno if i had water rentention caused by the dbol by aromatizing occuring. or maybe the test starting to kick in. i hope what i am actually taking is cyp/eq and not deca otherwise i will be fucked!

please help this freaking out kid!