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Thread: Help with Cycle

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    Question Help with Cycle

    hello, iam posting this message for a friend, because he doesnt have a computer, Hes about 6 foot, 215 pounds,
    Hes thinking about doing:

    600 mg of decca a week,for 10 weeks, weeks 1-10
    800 mg of cypionate a week for 8 weeks, 1-8
    and 50 mg of anadrol daily for about 8 weeks,
    does anyone have any suggestions or tips, let me know please thanks....

    this is not his first cylce, he did anadrol and decca ova the summer

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    so hes done one cycle right ??what where the dosages he ran ?secondcycle tehre is no need to run 600 deca (hope ur not prone to decka dick ,and watch the progest ,gyno have some bromo)and 800 mgs test for the first time ????bro sound s that ur bor is clueless!!!!very clueless,this isnt a game bro ,he needs to lots of research and then come back here.OOHH heres the best one anadrol for 8 weeks ,hope he has his name on the organ list!cause he'll shit his liver out !

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    That seems a little heavy for a novice user.How about just Test Cyp/Enan 500mgs/wk for 10 weeks?

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    make sure he has clomid for the end of his cycle...and have nolvadex on hand incase of gyno symptoms...Madmax..

    cyp 500mg or 600mg (1-10)
    deca 400mg (1-10)
    d-bol 30mg (1-4)

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