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    just some noob questions

    Whats up, first I'd like to get out of the way, that I am a total noob when it comes to any type of roids. But am educating myself on them, because I've acquired an interest in trying them. But I'm a heavyset person,

    34" waist
    18% b/f.

    My biggest question is when should I start juicing. I've had friends of friends tell me so many different "stories" when to take them I'm just confused. I've just started my workout routine, after being lazy for about 6 months, and yes I want the quickest way to healthiness as possible, and I want to look damn good. I'm just curious as what the best way to do this is.... Lose weight first, then heavy strength trainning with roids, or go ahead and start taking roids now and strength and cardio train??? The steroid I keeps getting referred to me is Winstrol , would this be the correct roid to take to get my desired affect?

    Thanks to all that take the time to read/reply and sorry if I've wasted others time.


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    Hey jixxer

    how old are you? training experience? Winstrol is great for cutting up, best is to read the education forum and from there narrow down the roids you intend to take...

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    Ok. wait on the roids for a while...heres why.

    To often people think they have hit barriers or want the easy way out. I wouldnt advise you start juicin until you have at LEAST a year of serious training. by that i mean the proper technique, proper diet etc. If you wait you will get better results from your cycle and you will also know that you are mature enough to start juicing (not a flame)

    good luck to you bro

    ps. i almost forgot, post your workout and diet here and the bros on the board will be more than happy to help you out

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    Well my workout varies, was top heavy for awhile, then like I said got lazy.

    Plan on trying out the suggested workout found here

    More well rounded then what I was doing.

    Plan on doing more cardio... ie. jogging/bicycling/jump-rope. ( better before or after workout???)

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    1st thing get your diet in shape, drop the b/f with some good cardio and heavy workouts THEN try AS. Most AS will tend to make you look bloated by retaining water so instead of 18% b/f you'll look like you have 25%b/f! Get into a heavy workout regimen and then hit the gas!!

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