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    Injection site problem

    I did a cycle of equipoise and omnidren last January (almost a year ago). I injected the equipoise every 2 days in the same are for I think 2 weeks. Ever since then, Ive noticed a little “knot” in the area – a hard lump. It never really bothered me until a few months ago when I was rolling around on it while changing the oil in my car. Since then, it grows real big, then will shrink back down. The area is tender when it grows. Ive been to the Dr. (not telling him about my cycle) and he thinks it’s a fatty growth and that I should have it removed. Anyone know what this is? Is it dangerous? Any input would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.

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    sounds like a cyst to me (almost like a fatty growth)... what you need to decide is if you want it anymore, because most likely it wont go away. this could also be scar tissue formation from the injections, and that wont go away either. However, it can get larger if it is agrevated. so here is the deal: decide if it is too painful to endure. also, if it gets really large get it removed! how deep is it in the skin? also you should have told your doc about doing AS, he could have assesed the problem better.
    good luck

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    totally agree went to my doc for pulled ab asked if i every took as told him yes what took and doses be honest with them so they can help.sounds like acyst.or boil you will have to have it removed

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    If its in your shot location it sounds like scar tissue or a fat deposit
    I would think its a fat deposit though the more I read your post.

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