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Thread: My next cycle

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    My next cycle

    Currently weighing in at 210 at about 13-14% bf. Lost about 30 pounds since summer and my bodyfat has rised. Havent been around the board since summer either, was battling depression ect. I'm planning on starting this cycle the 1st of Feb. Just looking for some feedback

    Week 1-4- D-bol-40mg's ed
    Week 1-10- Test 750mg's
    Week 1-10- Eq- 400mg's
    Week 7-13- Tren - 100 ed
    Week 7-13- Winny- 100mg's ed
    Week 1-15- .25-.5 mg's l-dex ed
    and ofcourse clomid

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    looks like one helluva cycle to probably could get away with 75mg of tren ED and 50mg of Winny for weeks 7-13 still get a good effect and maybe save some $$$

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    i like your idea..the only thing i would do is extend everything 2 more weeks...except for the d-bol...eq is better if you run it 12...and if you decide to run that 12 you might as well run the test 12 weeks also...i'd also run the tren and winny weeks 9-15...Madmax..

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    Kullman, nice to see ya bro. That looks good to me. I like the idea of 2 more weeks though. Also if it were me I'd switch to prop when I started fina. BTW Welcome back

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