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    Nov 2002

    EQ or Decca cant decide!!

    I have decided on what type of cycle I want to everything straight except on the choice to use Eq or decca in my cycle. This will be my second cycle. I would like your opinions on which one would work better from your experiences. Thanks!

    wk 1-4 d-bol/{naps} 30gms ed
    wk 1-10 Sus/ 500mg wk
    wk 1-10 either EQ or Decca/ 400mgs wk

    I would like a more vannie leaner look, I know EQ can do that. Im leaning more toward the EQ.....but my mind could change from here to the end of Feb when I start my cycle.

    enough anties on hand to last a half year.

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    I prefer Eq over deca , it will give you quality gains and make you veiny.

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    city of the winds
    if u want to look vascular and cut up take EQ,
    if want to bulk DECA its fine...
    both can be run at 400mg wkly

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