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    when will it stop? or will it ever?

    this is my 3rd cycle and i have come to the realization that it will not be my last. since last january at 24 yr old and a scrawny 6'1'' 200 lbs i said hell if i could get to 220 id be happy and stop! well here i sit at the beginning of my 3rd cycle at 231 lbs and shooting towards 245. i sware the bigger i get the less i feel satisfied. when i was stuck in the low 200's i was content with 220, and i felt i had a grip on reaching my goals.but not anymore.i think it is safe to assume that we all started out this way,having a goal. bigger, stronger more ripped. a certain goal weight. then we reached that point. but its that point where we can take 2 approaches. keep going and raising the bar each time, or stopping and being content. how many people do you know that have done 1-3 cycles and just stopped forever. i wish i could say that is me but i am at the point of no return. i cant say that i wish i never done roids but i can say the hardest thing i may have to deal with is puttin the needle up, IF it ever happens.

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    started my second last week ,feel like a kid in a candy store ..............all kind of candy to try ,I have my next two or three cycles worked out in my head already. I wa a late starter (32) but I love the stuff. I have had all the children I want and now I am ready to concentrate on me. Everything I do in my life is for the family unit.......this is for me . Stop?? Not anytime soon! Roid on Bro!

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    6'1 200 is not scrawny bro.......

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    I know where you're coming from bro.Been juicin for about a year and a half now and still can't wait from one cycle to another.I feel like as long as I'm cautious as far as drinking plenty of water and cranberry juice while on and using clomid and cycling off,that I should be ok.I don't know when or if I'll ever come off as long as juice is still available.

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