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Thread: insulin

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    hey everyone, i got a quick question about how often to take insulin . i want to start taking it in the next month or so. i looked at the educational threads but i didn't see how often to take it. i heard some take it one a day and some take it twice a day. some take it three times a day. i was trying to see omeone could tell me how often. thanks a lot.

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    I took it before working out with a weight gainer of a 50protein/40carb ratio and eas creatine phosphogen2 which has 35grams of dextrose. Well enough of carbs to be safe. Need to shoot before exercise because Humilin R slin will peak in 1 hour. so aftr excersiing for an hour the slin will have peaked and ready to soak in all that protien and also be a strong anticatabolic agent during excercise. Now read up on medical sites abut dangers of slin so you will be prepared. be safe bro.

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    thanks for your reply. i've been reading a lot on it, i just couldn't find anywhere where someone was saying how many times and when to inject. i'm still scared shitless to take it but, oh well

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    'oh well' probbaly isn't the best response bro, i read about insulin for probably a couple weeks before i even began thinking about it, its a pretty beneficial hormone, but it can also be catastrophic, so you need to be very careful, keep doing your reading and research, there are lots of good posts on here regarding insulin safety, information, doses, quantity, brand, duration, diet, administration methods, etc...good luck and be safe

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