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    i believe i may have had gyno as an adolescent, which i have read is pretty common but my question is does that put me at higher risk for getting it again

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    This varries from person to person depending on body chemistry, the kind of AS used, the doses of AS used and the frequency of injection/injestion of AS. The only way you'll know if you'll get gyno is by doing a cycle.

    If you're really concerned about gyno, then do the following:

    --Research what AS to use by taking time to search and read this board.
    --Make sure you include research on Anti-estrogens ("Anti-e's").
    --Make sure you include research on Clomid and post-cycle therapy/recovery
    --Make sure you are eating, resting and working out correctly.
    --Put together a cycle and post your cycle on the board for comments, making sure that when you post it on the board for review you let people know why you are using low-doses (gyno worries), otherwise just about everyone will encourage you to raise the doses.
    --Use a low-dose cycle to see how your body reacts to the AS you have chosen.

    If after your low-dose cycle you have no gyno problems, raise the dose a little (if you want) and stay with the same stack for your next cycle.

    Best of luck to you.

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    thanks for the quick reply bask8kase i have in my opinion done alot of research on this site and others. looking forward to getting more advice from more experienced people like yourself. do i need to start a new post to post my upcoming possible cycle

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