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    glutamine question

    how many grams of glutamine is recommended per day? and when is the best time to take it? probably after workout in my protien drink but what about non workout days? any advice is appreciated. thanks bros.

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    you should take atleast 20g ED... and max of 40 g
    you start with taking 10g ED for first week
    then you go to 20g, 30g, and finally 40g for the fourth week

    now it can get REAL Expensive

    you need 10 g post workout and rest you can take throughout the day
    like 10 g in morning, 10 g in afternoon and 10 g 1 hr before workout, and 10 after ur done (if you workout in the evening like myself)

    and it helps if you take creatine with it.

    just like I said EXPENSIVE, but it works, causes water retention (creatine), its kinda like legal DBOL .... lol

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