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    mixed 2 different deca ?

    sorry for my english, come from belgium

    192 cm and 96 kg

    i have 10 amp deca from infar ( india ) and 10 amp of deca from Norma greece

    can i mix it in one cycle ( 300 mg x 12 weeks ) or must a make two different cycle ( one with Norma and another one whith Infar ) ?

    thank you

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    I dont think you would have any problem mixing deca , as long as you are not mixing them in together, as in 100mg Infar + 100 MG Norma
    keep your mg's right and you will grow like weed

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    I wouldn't mix into one bottle... but if you mean taking 150mg of Infar and 150mg or Norma a week for 12 weeks that would be just fine.

    The impurites will differ from batch to batch so why make the cleaner of the two less pure....
    Me I would do the 300mg every 4th or 5th day.... for 12 weeks.

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