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Thread: vet vs. human

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    vet vs. human

    is there any big differences between human grade poise and vet grade poise... they are the same $ but the human is 100mg/ml and the vet is 200mg/ml... have had success before with vet grade, only prob is source might be out of vet grade

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    human grade is just cleaner and has to meet certain standards. The drug in it is the same and does the same thing.

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    One thing to look at is the true market. Most of the Vet products are really made for humans, Vet use laurabolin not deca , things like that.. But you must realize if Labs making synthetic Anabolic hormones in Mexico presented the public with "these are human grade anabolic" then you would have more of a crack down from an importing stand point the prices would be higher, and even Mexico has regulations for human grade products.... So this way the Lab gets to make a cheaper lower regulated product for more profit, but you tell me what Vet uses propionate on an animal T100 by brovel, or how about aratest's blend... There are more hormones made for human animals "cause we are animals too" than for canine and other mammals... Its just getting it to us with out a lot of red tape and clout..
    The only other issue is the purity of the substances used to make our beloved synthetic hormones… the human grade products are by far more superior, but expensive…. I personally take all Vet products… and grow just fine…

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    depends on the brand - some vet/underground quality is good some isnt

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    If there are any concerns can't you steralize your gear as if it were FINA. Bake 3 times? Or would this hurt standard gear?

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    yes the big difference is, human grade can be brought with a script, animal grade must cross the
    boarder running....

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