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Thread: d-bol question

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    d-bol question

    What is the origin of d-bol with the dragon on the back. I believe they are 5mg pills. Also, is there anything to reduce the normal water retention while on d-bol other than another drug? Thanks.

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    the bols with the dragon on the back are the newer thai's. To help reduce fakes they stampped'em. And u're right about them being 5mg a piece. And if you wanna reduce the water build up....wait a minute thats all dbol is going to give you LoL! U can run arimadex (sp) but u don't wanna use another drug so your SOL! or another way is to send them to me and i can promise you you'll have no water build up

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    stack some test with it

    run armidex at .5mg/day

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