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    help with 3rd cycle using test/fina/winny

    Will you guys help me with my next cycle?

    192 lb
    14% body fat
    Age 34

    Eating about 3000 cals and 250grams protein a day.
    This will be my third cycle.

    First Cycle
    1-10 Test Cyp 200mg week
    6-10 Winstrol 50mg eod
    6-10 Teslac 100 mg day
    12-13 HCG 500iu a day

    I had good results. I lost a lot of body fat and was happy about muscle mass increase.

    Second Cycle
    1-10 Test Cyp 400mg week
    1-10 Deca 300 mg week
    6-10 Winstrol 50mg eod
    13-15 Clomid 50mg ed

    First cycle was prescribed by my HRT doctor. Second cycle I elected to not use HCG and Teslac and had no estrogen or recovery problems. Also I added clomid to second cycle.

    The question I have is I want use what I have on hand if I can. My goal is to continue adding good quality muscle mass while reducing body fat. I have been happy with the results of my last two cycles

    I am trying to avoid having to purchase more gear from my doctor because of the expense. Test 10ml $200.00 Deca 10ml $300.00 Winstol 20ml $400.00. I know I’m stupid for paying these prices. I tried to find another source but could only come up with the items below. Test Cyp 10ml $35.00 Winstrol 20ml 100mg $75.00 Fina Kit 4G $100.00

    Here is what I have on hand for next cycle.

    Test Cyp. 200 mg ml
    Winstrol 100mg ml
    Fina 75mg ml

    This is what I want to use. I don’t know if I should run the Test and then add the Winstrol and Fina at the end or do I run Test/Fina and then add the Winstrol in the end? I respond well to low doses so I was thinking about running Test 400 mg week, Fina 37.5 mg eod, and Winstrol 50mg eod.

    I have on hand just in case I need them.
    150 tabs Clomid 50mg
    150 tabs Nolv 10mg
    100 tabs Bromo 2.5mg
    200 tabs Clen 4 mcg
    200 tabs T3
    60 tabs Teslac
    28 tabs Armidex
    10000iu HCG

    Thanks for the help.

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    tt333 is offline Senior Member
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    Probally need another bottle of test.

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    BARBENDER29 is offline Associate Member
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    I would start my winny and fina on week 3 or 4 and run it for at least 6 weeks.Also,bump your fina up to 75mg a day or you can get by with running it eod.

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