Could someone please enlighten me as to the driving force behind the seemingly absurd economics surrounding HGH? If I am ever to use it, it will likely be as an 86 year old desperately in need of it, during which time i'm sure the economic environment surrounding it will change, insurance will cover it, or universal healthcare will be a reality. However, in the meantime, I do have to admit to being quite curious as to why it is so pricey, to say the least. I can understand how that might have been the case back when they actually had to extract it from cadavers, as the supply side of the equation would certainly tip the scales in the costly direction. Though, if i'm understanding it correctly, hasn't the amino profile successfully been replicated, at least functionally? If true, I would think the only thing maintaining the price would be a patent period still held by the developing company. Even so, to generic labs already producing illegal stuff, why would that make a lick of difference. Was test so prohibitively expensive when it first came out? If so, will HGH someday drop to such affordable levels? I'd appreciate any comments since my curiosity on this matter is inexplicably growing.