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    Talking forced to go natural b/c of heart condition

    what's going on fellas. i've been using steriods for a little over a year alot more on then off. i started at 135 pounds and transformed myself into 185 pounds. i was always stacking different kinds and sometimes i'd jump from cycle to cycle wthout a break. although it mightnot be the main cause it definetly had ahuge contribution to the heart condition i now have. i have cardiomypothy which is an enlargement of the heart muscle. i'm only 22 and this isn't common for people of my age. when i was in the hospital i lost a lot of weight. i'm now down to 160 pounds and i lost alot my muscle defintion and mass. i just started getting back to working out after like 2 months of recouperation. eventually in acouple of months my heart will be back to normal but i can't go back to juice. i was wondering if it is still possible for me to get some what back to where i used to be with just eating write and taking lots of protien. i'm realistic can i get to around 170-175 but cut. if not what are the effects on the heart of legal means like dermagain or decasust. does my muscle have memory even though i gained it primarily on steriods.

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    As I understand it, the muscle memory function can potentially carry you back to very near your "unnatural" status. Many of the strict-testing natural bodybuilding federations insist that someone be clean for 7-8 years (if i'm recalling correctly) before competing in their fed. Though I and many others suspect that most of these naturals are anything but (it seems lately that so long as you're doing a human hormone like test, HGH and not d-bol or fina, you can call yourself natural), the fact that they insist on such a cutoff surely lends some credence to the assertion that the muscle memory while juicing will yield some benefit. If not muscle memory, than at the very least the fascia having been stretched would lead me to speculate that such gains could be maintained, as I tend to subscribe to the school of thought maintaing that the fascia can be stretched in such a way to allow "more" muscle growth.

    At any rate, bump for a response from anyone having had post-gear experience similar to yours

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    Fuck yeah it's possible. You can get huge without AAS (which is what you should have done before you even started) - you just have to work for it - whichj is what you should be doing while ON anyways... 185 lbs is pretty simple. Time to start reading brah...

    Too many people jump straight for the magic pill... the fact that you ask if you can get to 185lbs naturally is very strange - of course you can. In fact, since you are back down to 160 lbs - it really takes very little at this point to get a hypertrophy response... wait till you want to get up to 200-210lbs - then you really have to work hard and dial in your diet and training.

    Can you get to 185 lbs without AAS? OF COURSE. All is not lost beause you can't use anabolic hormones... especially not at 160lbs...

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