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    Lightbulb had mono, need help on cycle and getting back into the gym.

    What's up bro's . I need some opinions on what to do to get back into the gym. I have been sick with mono for the last 4 weeks and lost 28lbs. I was 287 and 13 to 17% bodyfat, I am not about 260 with the same amount of body fat. I couldn't eat for like a week, and can still only eat limited amounts. I was thinking of starting to get into the gym this week, when I feel better and I am healed. My question is do you think it would be better to do a cycle right away, or wait a couple of weeks into the gym. I just thought that some test might get appatite back and get me on track. Not a ton of shit just some test to get me back on to the road to recovery. I know you bro's can help me on this one. thanks in advance, the helpl is really appreciated.
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    i would see how much of your lost weight you can gain back naturally.
    being as you couldn't eat, you should be able to get back to where you were with good eating and proper training.
    wait until you're 100% before you add in AAS.

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