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    Nolva while on clomid

    My question is quite simple but i just want to make sure. Im taking clomid to raise my natural test cause ive just finished a cycle but im also taking 20mg nolva a day because im still abit puffy and was worried about gyno. Is it ok to take them both together post cycle and it wont affect my recovery?

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    It's okay. Some believe it actually helps in recovery. Next time, I plan on using Arimidex , Nolvadex , and Clomid for post cycle, to see if that helps me hang on to more gains.

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    Yes it is fine as JA said.

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    You're wasting your money taking clomid if you're taking nolvadex . You don't need the clomid. Nolvadex and clomid do the exact same thing in the body Nolva is stronger and better.

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