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    D-Bol / EQ / Enanthate Cycle

    Hey guys,

    I ran 30mg ED D-Bol for 2 weeks, had to discontinue as I was always sleepy...Upped my carbs, helped, but bottom line I had no weight gain or water bloat. Although I was told the naps were real, I questioned myself if gaining a couple of pounds a week on Naps was normal...

    Along with the D-Bol, I've been taking 400mg/week of EQ and 500mg/Week of Enanthate . I'm now @ week 5 and feel the Enanthate kick in, was just curious on what I should expect with Enanthate as far as strenght, weight gain, etc in the next 5 weeks as this is my first time using this product.


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    you'll get good gains..personally i don't like staright test enanthate ..but alot of people on this board do..if you run your diet correctly i could see you gaining 20lb's...not as much water because your running the eq instead of deca ...your strength will shooot through the roof..tell us how it go's in the cycle forum..good luck bro...Madmax..

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    this is exactly the cycle i want to run. too bad the d-bol didn't work out for you. i was thinking of getting thais for mine too. actually, that's all i have access to.

    would like to hear about how things go thru your cycle

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    OMG..This is the exact cycle Im doing now.. I am in my 3rd week, and ended the dbol after 2 weeks... I didnt gain much yet, and I dont want to keep stuffing myself cause I dont want to get fat.. I hope it kicks in for me in the next 2 weeks, cause I want to get the most from this cycle.. Please keep me posted here with yours...Also what are your stats..

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