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Thread: cutting

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    Got my spring time cycle starting this week:
    eq 1-10 400mg
    winny 8-13 50mg/day
    clen 2 weeks on/off starting week 4
    t3 starting week 4 up to 50mcg a day. 2weeks on/off with clen
    clomid week 13 300mg first day, 100mg/day rest of week, 50mg/day
    for next two weeks.
    Ala 800mg a day starting week 4
    Femara 1.25mg eod throughout

    I will be doing morning cardio 4 times a week and lifting five times
    a week. Any sugestions?

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    Give us a brief description of your diet.

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    I am about to begin dieting hardcore. On my lifting and cardio days my
    diet will consist of about 100 grams of carbs(post cardio oatmeal, a
    sweet potato at next meal and some kind of complex carb after my
    workout). I will consume around 300 grams of protein throughout the
    day. I will take in a flax oil with my meals without carbs. On off days
    I will probably just stick to the morning oatmeal and a small potato at
    lunch time, the rest will be all protein and good fats. I may have one
    or two cheat meals on sundays. i will take in about 300mg of ala with
    any meals containing carbs. I'm guessing my daily calorie intake will
    be anywhere from 2000-2500. My goal is to get shredded, I don't care about gaining too much weight. I am only using the drugs to maintain
    muscle mass while I'm dieting and for hardness.

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