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Thread: Cycle Question

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    Cycle Question

    Is this an alright first cycle? Considering that i will not be running Deca or EQ with it?

    1-4 35mg D-bol ed
    1-2 750mg Test eneth
    3-8 500mg Test eneth
    6-10 50mg Winny ed

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    Its a little too much. I would do 500mg of test max. seeing that your taking dbol . I would go weeks 1-8 500 of test and your winny at the end, for a nice size gain and considerable cutts. Forget the DBol your receptors are clean and youve never used before so you dont need that much.

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    Hey bro, IMO i dont like the cycle. First of all 2 weeks is not enough time between the dbol and the winny to give ur liver a break. 2nd, 750mgs of enat for 2 weeks doesnt make it kick in faster so theres no point in doing that. 3rd, 8 weeks of test is not long enough IMO. It could take 4 weeks for the Enant to kick in. If thats the case ur only going to have 4 weeks of even consistent levels of test. I think u need to rethink ur cycle bro.


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    The first response should have been what are your stats! IMO run D-bol at 30mg Ed, don't use winny on this cycle, reducing the number of AAS in a cycle allows you to assess more accurately the one that have offered you benefit/sides etc. run 500mg only and 8 weeks is fine for a first cycle. nolva/proviron or armidex, and clomid post cycle, milk thistle or equvilent for liver.

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